Why You Need a Mix of Inbound Marketing and Outbound Marketing

Variation is always important. Seldom are decisions leaning toward championing one type of product alone. Here is the scenario: you own a fries shop that makes mouthwatering starch heaven that people can’t get enough of. You are currently winning, you have a champion product your customers are addicted to. You’re tracking sales and little by little, you notice decline. You try to find the culprit. It isn’t your product, no change has been done with the recipe or the way you prepare it. It’s not your service as your employees are working their asses off more than ever. And then you figure it out: your customers are not coming back as there’s no other thing to try in the menu. You start brainstorming and added a few things on the menu: variations of fries, you also added a handful of other flavors. To also add partial sales, you add in beverages to refresh your thirsty customers. And now you find yourself smiling, because you figured it out.


This scenario also is applicable when doing marketing for your local business. Gone are the days of focusing on just one type of marketing to lean on. Now the question is: what are the kinds of marketing one must invest on? Currently, the answer is inbound and outbound marketing.


Outbound marketing is traditional. This is what our parents and grandparents are accustomed to, so it may be hard to convince them to transfer ships (not necessarily, as you would have to do both to attain potential highest success). This includes advertising in its oldest forms through television and radio ads, magazine spreads, internet cold calls, and the like. In short, these are interruption based methods that blast the market with your message hoping someone would stop to listen. But now, the market is getting smarter and more selective of the things they would stop for. For television and radio ads, you can simply fastforward through it or change channels or stations. For magazine spreads, one is easy to flick the next page if what they’re looking at doesn’t please them or even get their attention in the first place.


Inbound marketing is permissions-based and is ideal when marketing your products and services. These include voluntarily going to your website to check out your content and the latest news about your brand. It also umbrellas the idea of users subscribing on your email list or even signing up on your webinars and to simply download your app to test it out on their own. The keywords are permission-based and voluntariness. Instead of the message being bombarded to them, they walk in your direction and test it out themselves. Some examples of inbound marketing include subscribing to your email list, visiting your website, and trying out your products through sign ups and downloads. For example, whether you’re the best kitchen remodeling company in Palm Beach,  a painting contractor in West Palm Beach, or you are an HVAC Company in West Palm Beach, SEO is a great inbound marketing strategy.


Now that we have defined what these two are, why is it important to utilize both? Your market still fluctuates. While you have a set target market, it still won’t hurt to explore and test the waters for others. While your cosmetics brand is targeted to young urban professionals, your baby boomers might also be interested. Don’t shut the door out and let them admire your brand from afar. Come to them and hold out their hand; guide them through the process.


Some would ask, so what’s the perfect ratio to an excellent marketing strategy? The answer, as much as I would like to give you an accurate percentage, is unknown. The ratio varies for every brand you test it out on. What may work on one doesn’t necessarily have to work on another.


Entrepre NEW Inc has a remarkable number of local businesses, like IV Vitamin Clinics to chiropractors and everyone in between. That we have helped figure out what the ratio is for them. Our clients are highly satisfied of the results we have delivered and we’d love nothing more to help you out and experience it for yourself. We are located in Wellington but we also extend a helping hand in the neighboring cities of West Palm County as well.